Stewardship Moments

fall leaves - green sprigDuring worship on the Sundays leading up to Stewardship Sunday, the Stewardship Committee will be sharing a question for us to ponder as we prayerfully consider our response.

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On November 1, the Stewardship speaker was Robin Albing.  The question she proposed to ponder prior to worship was: “Why does Jesus talk so much about money?”  

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In preparation for November 8, Marty Hopkins shared the following:

Why I support FCC WILMOT:

(Marty Hopkins)
 Welcoming to all
Involvement in wider community
Loving, compassionate community
 Magnificent Music
Outstanding sermons
Time, talents and treasures of the congregation are shared generously                                                 … which makes all of the other things on the list possible.
Why do you support FCC Wilmot?
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For Sunday, November 15, Nancy has shared the following:

We don’t have a lot of actual “stewards” today, like they did in Bible times… people who manage a wealthy person’s estate, or who take care of things that belong to someone else. By definition, the steward is not the owner of what he spends his life caring for.

1 Peter 4:10 tells us, “Each of you has been blessed with one of God’s many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well.” We are stewards, not only of the treasures bestowed on us, but of the abilities and the skills with which God has graced us.

This Stewardship Season, I invite you to make a commitment that’s just between you and God, to share the gifts that he has entrusted you with: the time, abilities and material wealth of which you are a steward.

Nancy Allenby

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For Sunday, November 22, Susan has shared the following:

Some reasons for giving……..belief in the mission of our institution, high regard for our leadership and an understanding of the fiscal responsibility of our church. 

The church is not just a building or programs. It is the people leading the church and the programs. We are in the business of changing lives. It is a commitment to stewardship that allows us to do that.

Susan Bruce