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July 6, 2018 Edition

Dear Friends,
Below you will see my article for the Salt and Light column in the Intertown Record.  It gives you a sense of what has happened, and what will happen this weekend.  
I am proud to be your pastor, to be part of a church that takes such a leadership role in this world.  I send you my love,
Rev. Sara

“On the morning of Sunday, June 24 I drove to our church, the First Congregational Church of Wilmot, UCC, as usual to lead worship.  When I got to the parking lot next to church I saw a member, Doug MacDonald, at the front door scrubbing at something.  My son Zeph and I wandered up and discovered to our horror that the front door had been vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti.  Hateful symbols and words were written in permanent marker.  Unable to remove them in any other way, Doug painted over these words so that people coming to our morning service would not have to see these disturbing images.  But in worship just minutes later, we mourned together those brutal words, and prayed that love might overcome the hate here displayed. 

After the service, as the week went on, I sensed a growing need to have a space and time to show, publicly, in our own small way, that truth; that love will, and must, overcome hate.  And so in a church meeting on July 1 we decided to have a community gathering for unity and love, so that we might respond to this incident of hate in a positive, life-giving way.  So, along with other faith groups, individuals and organizations we will come together, in front of that same door, on Sunday, July 8 at 2:00 here at the First Congregational Church, UCC.  This is our opportunity to gather in solidarity, to share words of hope and love, to listen to one another, and to lift our prayers that love will always triumph over hate.   

This is not the first time, nor I suspect the last, our church has been a victim of vandalism and hate.  You may recall that it was not that long ago I wrote in this same column about our rainbow flag being torn repeatedly from our building.  All of which makes this witness all the more important and powerful.  I have been heartened to read, hear, and see all around me the incredible, passionate and loving support we have received.  Pouring in from people of all faiths, or none, from other towns and even states, from organizations near and far, people have wanted to share with us that they care, that we are held in their hearts, that we will not allow this to fracture us.  Today I give thanks for this powerful spirit of love.”   


Sunday, July 8 at 2 p.m.  A community gathering of unity and love will take place at our church in response to the vandalism from two weeks ago.  All are welcome.

Sunday, July 15 – Rev. Bonnie Stagg will lead our worship while Rev. Sara is away.  Rev. Les Norman will provide spiritual care.

Sunday, July 22, Tim will lead us in a hymn sing.
Saturday, August 11 Bandstand supper
Our church is scheduled to provide food at the band concert on the green in Wilmot on this date.
Saturday, August 25- Yard Sale!  
Friday, Sept. 14, – New date for the Chicken BBQ supper!  
Please pass the word to friends as the date in the earlier W.O.W. Shopper ad is changed.
Community Gathering for Unity and Love
A flier to advertise this event is attached to this email.  Please feel free to print out and post or to forward to individuals or organizations you think would be interested.
We are expecting very large crowds and a warm day.  If possible, we are asking church members to bring lemonade or water to share, along with cups.
Also, if people could carpool that would make the traffic situation more manageable.
Any questions don’t hesitate to ask Sara or Jane Norman.  Thanks!
We’re in the process of revising our by-laws and would like your feedback!  If you’re interested see the attached document and email any thoughts or comments to Paul Fenton at
Interested in Peace and Justice??

Interfaith Prayer Vigils
for Immigrant Justice

July 17. All vigils are 8:30 am to 10 am at the Norris Cotton Federal Building, 275 Chestnut Street, Manchester.
For more information and other activities go to  New Hampshire Council of Churches

Yard Sale donations

Items are piling up in Janet’s barn.  If possible, please bring your donations in a box for easier storing and moving!  Remember – no electronics, helmets, car seats, baby cribs.

July Food Pantry request

Our church is asked to bring canned fruit during July.  The basket is at the back of the sanctuary.


Ten new hymnals have been ordered for use in the pews.  If you would like to dedicate one in someone’s honor or memory, forms are on the table in the back of the sanctuary.  The cost is $28/hymnal. Checks should be made out to the church with “hymnal” in the memo.