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October 12, 2018 Edition


Dear Friends,


Our Delegate from Zimbabwe is Here!  

Abigail Sithole a member of Eastlea Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, our sister church, arrived as part of a delegation yesterday in Boston.  You’ll have the opportunity to see her tomorrow in church where we’ll also welcome our New Members!  

Shona is one of the two main languages spoken in Zimbabwe.  Here’s some common greetings if you would like to try your hand at some Shona.  Use them to greet Abigail tomorrow.  I’m sure she’d be delighted!  

SHONA GREETINGS                 

            Mangwanani                      Good morning

            Masikati                               Good afternoon

            Manheru                             Good evening

            Makadini?                           How are you?

            Ndiripo. Makadiniwo?   I am fine.  How are you?

            Mashuma, Tinotenda     Thank you

            Mashuma yambo!                        Thank you very much!


She will be here October 12-29 and we are so excited to be her host church!  Please take the time to come to one of the special events listed below.  



Calendar of Events…


Sunday, October 14 is New Member Sunday!  Also we will be welcoming our Zimbabwean guest Abigail Sithole to our worship and to NH!

After church the Christian Education Committee will meet.


Tuesday, October 16 – A Tea will be held between 2 and 3:30!  All are invited to this time to gather and get to know Abigail.

6:00- Ukama Regional Gathering- South Congregational Church, UCC in Newport (20 Church St, Newport, NH 03773) is hosting an evening of light refreshments and an opportunity to meet three of our Zimbabwean delegates.


Friday, October 19- 1-5 pm Global Ministry Fair at the NH Conference Center, 140 Sheep Davis Road, in Pembroke. This program will feature guests from the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, and the Rev. Marco Cable, Area Executive for Africa of Common Global Ministries.

Saturday, October 20 – Annual Meeting of the NH Conference will  take place at Grappone Center.  Info at

Sunday, October 21 – Parish Committee will meet following worship.  Also Neighbors in Need offering will be taken.

Sunday, October 28 – Mrs. Abigail Sithole will be preaching and there will be a special potluck brunch following worship in her honor.




Neighbors in Need
The Neighbors in Need (NIN) offering is one of the annual UCC offerings. Ours will be collected Oct. 21st. Two thirds of this offering is focused on the UCC’s Justice and Witness ministries which focuses on local and national issues such as voting rights, immigration, health care, hate crimes, civil liberties and environmental justice.  One third of the offering supports American Indians who have twenty congregations on reservations and one multi-tribal congregation in Minneapolis. This offering also supports 1000 individuals from dozens of tribes and nations who are members of other UCC congregations. Please be prepared to give generously on Oct. 21st. Questions – ask a member of the New Horizons committee: Marie MacDonald, Kristin Lizotte, Amber Gove and Peggy Blair.



for this Sunday is Mark 10:17-31.