Facililty Use

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First Congregational Church of Wilmot, UCC

  1. The Parish Committee establishes policy for facility use.
  2. All users of the First Congregational Church of Wilmot (FCCW) facilities must complete a Facility Use Form which will contain information for the FCCW and the user to ensure a mutually satisfactory agreement.
  3. The Vice Moderator and at least two Trustees will approve or reject any application for facility use. The Head Trustee or designee will sign all approved applications.
  4. Organizations and members of the church and church-related or sponsored activities will be given priority in the use of the facility.
  5. Facilities must be left clean and equipment returned to proper storage area. Users are responsible for the set-up/take-down of chairs and tables and removal of all decorations and accumulated trash.
  6. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on Church premises.
  7. No smoking is allowed in the Church building.
  8. The User shall at all times exercise due diligence in the protection of the Church grounds and facilities. The User will notify a Church Officer when any damage to building or equipment occurs. In case any property of the Church is damaged or destroyed by the User incidental to the use of the Church, the User shall pay an amount sufficient to compensate for the loss sustained by the Church by reason of damages or destruction of the facility.
  9. All renters that are not a part of the Church community will be required to provide a certificate of insurance certifying at least $500,000 liability. Non-Profit organizations will be asked to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement.
  10. Fees and policies may be modified at the discreation of the Vice Moderator and at least two Trustees and those changes are to be shared with the Parish Committee.
  11. There will be a general maintenance fee deposit of $50.00 to be held and refunded upon surrender of the Church in a clean and orderly condition that includes removal of all refuse and resting furniture in its proper place.
Fee Schedule
Gathering Room Sanctuary
FCCW Organizations Free Free
FCCW Members Donation Donation
Charitable Groups and Non-profit community service Donation Donation
Non-FCCW Members $60( 1/2 Day or PM)* $100
For-profit Groups $75* $125
Hourly rate for multiple uses of Gathering Room $20
* Add $25 for use of kitchen
Professional Services

Fees are paid directily to individual:

Pastor – Fee negotiated and FCCW pastor has right of first refusal.
Organist – Fee negotiated and FCCW organist has right of first refusal.

NOTE: these fees are for reference and may be altered by the Vice-Moderator and at least two Trustees as per situation.

To complete an application click Application for Facility Use.